About us

Named after the Greek goddess of beauty, grandeur, magnificence and ornamentation, Aglaia, the wife of Hephaistos and one of the three Charites, our business is dedicated to promoting beauty, exquisiteness, and ornamentation that is the essence of this beautiful goddess after whom we have named our business.

Who Are We?

We are an Australian owned and registered company based in Canberra, Australia. We established our business in October 2017 and within a few months have made a mark for ourselves with our exquisite products. Our line of fine jewellery is designed not just to adorn the body but also to celebrate its beauty through carefully crafted and beautifully designed pieces that are guaranteed for high quality materials and flawless manufacturing.

Our Mission

Our business is based on our belief of quality with affordability. Each of our pieces are made using the best materials available and using the traditional gems setting methods to create affordable jewellery that is “real”, highly customizable, funky and versatile.

Our jewellery pieces are designed with keen attention to detail so that they can be used in many different ways to suit our customers’ creative instincts and moods.

Our Business Model

We interact directly with manufacturers who are carefully whetted and chosen for their quality manufacturing. Our direct communication ensures that the jewellery conforms to our high standards, is designed to our specifications and is affordable as there are no markups or middle men involved. Our customers get the best jewellery at the lowest possible cost.

Our Materials & Stones

Aglaia uses only the best cubic zirconia and metals available. All our jewellery is exactly as marked for purity. Our jewellery is made of:

  • Gold vermeil – gold plating on 925 sterling silver
  • Sterling silver – White gold plating on 925 sterling silver
  • Premium (AAA) Cubic zirconia in a rainbow of colours and hues

Our future plans include providing 14k solid gold and diamond jewellery to our customers.

All the gold plating uses 14k gold e-coating, double layered on a base metal of 925 sterling silver. The double coating ensures a plating that lasts a long time with proper care.

We Care for You

We realise that the customer is the king for any business. That’s why we ensure that our customers can reach us easily. Our customer care is driven by real people and not any machine-driven software. We are available on email and online live chat. We respond to customer enquiries within 10 mins – 2 hours.

Get to Know Us

We love to interact with our customers so, if you have any queries or wish to know more about us and our brand, contact us on – customer@aglaia.com.au