2018 FREE Jewelry giving away worldwide

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Hey! Lets win a FREE premium jewelry by your choice!

To celebrate the launch of aglaia.com.au, we are announcing to give a LOT of benefits to customers!

The winner will be the No.100, No.200, and No.300 registered members on our website – aglaia.com.au

The steps are as followed:

  1. Follow our instagram @aglaia.jewellery to get the latest news of this event.
  2. Must register a member on our website (aglaia.com.au/my-account)

Once we found if you are the NO.100, No.200 or No.300 member on our database, we will post a screenshot on both Instagram and Facebook Page, and a FREE jewelry+FREE shipping coupon will be emailed to you immediately.

However, if you are not the winner, don’t worry! Everyone else will get a discount for all jewelries 🙂

How it works to get a discount

  1. When you buy, input this FREE Shipping coupon at the checkout page.


  1. Once you received your lovely jewelry, give us a review of the jewelry on our website, and then you will be emailed a 20% OFF coupon for your next jewelry orders.

Any question? message us via Instagram or email us customer@aglaia.com.au

We are open today

Aglaia Jewelry Australia

Every jewelry enthusiast always has a strong desire of enchanting themselves with glossy and alluring pieces of intriguing jewelry. If you are one, then you have all the reasons to smile. At Aglai we are bringing you the finest pieces of jewelry that no doubt paints a ray of sunshine to any of your outfit and complements your wardrobe gracefully. Our number one goal is bring out your elegance and make you trend in glamorous pieces jewelry without breaking the bank.

Through our extensive variety, we guarantee that you will always find your every dream in jewelry. We are very dynamic and as trends change in fashion, we also buckle to beat the tests of time.   Whether looking for champagne gold, rose gold, 14k gold, rhodium plated on metal, and rhodium plated on 925 starling you can count on us for dependable and lasting solutions.  

To save our clients cash, we randomly generate discount codes for promotions. We understand that this is very well an important variable that ascertains us of repeat customers who tag a long friends and family on the next visit. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now and get a discount code as soon as possible. 

Establishing close relationships with our clients is core at Aglaia since it’s an important variable that helps us in meeting your highest expectations. We are available online in social networks to enhance connectivity. We always appreciate any feedback and our host of hugely talented customer support are always available to address all your concerns.  You can follow us on our facebook page, twitter or pinterest.