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2018 FREE Jewelry giving away worldwide

Aglaia Jewelry Bracelet Gleaming Halo

Hey! Lets win a FREE premium jewelry by your choice!

To celebrate the launch of, we are announcing to give a LOT of benefits to customers!

The winner will be the No.100, No.200, and No.300 registered members on our website –

The steps are as followed:

  1. Follow our instagram @aglaia.jewellery to get the latest news of this event.
  2. Must register a member on our website (

Once we found if you are the NO.100, No.200 or No.300 member on our database, we will post a screenshot on both Instagram and Facebook Page, and a FREE jewelry+FREE shipping coupon will be emailed to you immediately.

However, if you are not the winner, don’t worry! Everyone else will get a discount for all jewelries 🙂

How it works to get a discount

  1. When you buy, input this FREE Shipping coupon at the checkout page.


  1. Once you received your lovely jewelry, give us a review of the jewelry on our website, and then you will be emailed a 20% OFF coupon for your next jewelry orders.

Any question? message us via Instagram or email us